Jolly little Trolls….

In internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,or off topic messages in an online community…with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,often for their own amusement.” – Wikipedia definition.

OKAY….so we all know what an internet troll is and have probably all come across forms of trolling in some way or another.

But what I want to know is why???

The term ‘do not feed the trolls’ is often thrown around on forums, urging users to heed warning and not rise up to the baiting of said troll/trolls.
But from what I have seen, when a troll receives gentle confrontation, the majority of them back down or quickly lose control of the situation. Once the control is lost, they either change the subject or move onto some other form of discussion.
This would suggest some sort of deep inward power struggle within the individual. They feel a lack of control in their own lives and have no alternative outlet for their frustrations and resort to insulting strangers, frequently choosing hotbed issues to aggravate all parties involved.

What is it they gain from this??? probably the same feeling as throwing fireworks or desecrating graves, it’s a sadistic wave of gratification knowing that someone maybe deeply hurt by their actions and the fact that the web is a perpetual source for their outlets keeps on feeding that gratification.
So indeed, by feeding the trolls, we are giving them the thrill they so desperately crave, putting these virtual sadists on a platform in which the flames of destruction can be fanned.

Can this behaviour be fixed??? I’d like to think so, but I think that it is external factors rather than internal or virtual is the only way these mischievous creatures can be appeased by.

it’s a tricky one…

when i choose solitude…

another rant…..

with my last article, I spoke of my loathing for the social media generation as whole,

this sometimes means people who use it to run their lives and socialising solely occasionally forget that i exist.

I want to talk about my feelings about this.

when I am an outsider looking in i can see that nothing new really happens, none of them has won the nobel peace prize, nobody has done much special and nobody is impressive enough for me to want to crawl back.

All of my life I have been a solitary person, which is something in my childhood and early adult life bothered me, mainly due to external influences telling me that it should bother me.

I didn’t have a big group of peers at school, in fact towards the end i seldom showed up due to my frustration at the system as a whole (i know what a fucking rebel)

at 15 I became heavily involved in a circle of torment and abuse which took me some time to break free from, leaving me lost in a world i had absolutely no concept of. There was still a pressure from other people who made me feel that i should be part of a circle, of ‘friends’ or people of the same interests as me. The only trouble with that was i didn’t really get along with my peers still. the only way i found i could get on with people my own age was to drink and be drunk and pretend i knew nothing about nothing with no long-term goals or concepts of reality.

this rendered me depressed and I felt in some way even more isolated.i had a house full of drunks but i never felt like i connected with any of any way.i became strangled in a vicious circle of self-pity and putting myself in the firing line of unsavoury characters because i felt that i should. it almost drove me completely mad.

until one day I had an epiphany, someone very close to me told me, that all my ideas were right, and all my ideas were my own and instead of trying to curb them, i should nourish and develop them.

I enjoyed gardening and cooking and music and social studies, and made it my goal to find out as much about these things as humanly possible, in a way i guess it worked.

i don’t go out and get drunk, i don’t flaunt myself on social media, in fact bar twittering the odd thing about current affairs i shun internet socialising altogether.

the hardest lesson in life is learn to enjoy being alone and to embrace the vast nothingness it can sometimes bring.

for the first time in my life I feel like I’m truly myself. free to express to have my own opinions and do what i want without fear of reprocussions.i’m a fucking good cook and i know most shrubs and flowers by sight.

all I need to do it to learn to apply myself in a world that involves a small amount of socialising and pretend interest so that i can obtain a job in a field of work i enjoy so i can do all the things i need in life.

trouble is I change my mind so much of the time….

I think I’d like to be a plumber,librarian,artist,teacher,gardener,counsellor,scientist and that’s all in the space of one day.

I’d also like to be a freelance writer, but I fear the world probably has enough of these?

I’m sure my calling will come soon enough.

self-actualisation over…. apologies.


FEMINISM….The ‘loose’ term.



This rant is one that’s been bubbling up also since my joining of the twitter,
My dismissal of wanting my data to be harvested and me general disinterest in my peers has made me shy away from such networking processes, but also my thirst for wanting up to date news articles and dare I admit it gossip drew me to twitter like a moth to a flame, no old school enemies, the ability to be anonymous enough yet nosy enough to keep my finger dancing daintily on the pulse of whats going down in both the real world and the crazy old world of celebrities that I claim to have little to no interest in.
This was one of the first instances where I saw a new breed of militant in your face brash female exhibitionisn masquerading as….some form of post-neo feminism.
At first I brushed it off and thought ‘hey to each their own’ but after a while it was drawn to my attention, that not only do these high-profile caricatures take this shit seriously, they are quick to smite anybody that dares to say otherwise.

Now don’t get me wrong feminism over the last century has almost definitely been justifiable, had its place and one would like to think served its purpose.

As my less than adequate memory of A-level sociology serves me correctly, Feminism evolved and involved a few major stages depending on the required outcome was…
1st wave feminism is about legal / formal equalities, the women’s rights to vote and have a say in the changing political world around them and their place within it.
2nd wave feminism is about social equalities, equal rights, women being able to work and being recognized as being just as capable of men with regards to employability validity and academic credentials.
3rd wave feminism I believe is both a reaction to perceived failures of 2nd wave feminism focusing on the inclusion of intersectionalism and social equality – because although by the 90s in western europe/north america, legal equalities had by and large been achieved, there were still concerns regarding attitudes both generally within pay margins and everyday attitudes still. Some feminists believed there was some way to go still….
apparently there’s also 4th wave feminism which is the weird online stuff, this jumble of hysteria, ideas and assumed privileges is what I am focusing this article on mainly, in no way meaning to offend its predecessors as I belive those ‘waves’ were fundamentally important for us all.
Feminism, a word which throws up a wave of ideas and attitudes both pro and con into the air which falls to the ground like a wave of confetti at a wedding, a wedding which neo feminists may regard as imprisonment or consensual rape and the like.
Now don’t get me wrong throughout the ages women have had to seriously fight for their rights to party and then some. Seriously, over the last century 1st wave played a major role in seeing that women were freed from the shackles of the kitchen, released from the cascade or womanly duties and finally given a voice.

My focus for this article is for this social media bred idea of a sort of NEO-neo feminism,
The word feminism, now seems to be boasted and used as a get out clause for young women in the spotlight behaving outrageously, seemingly with little understanding of the concept and its origins.

With the likes of Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and the like using the world feminism as leverage to explain away their actions, of showing off as much flesh and lewd behaviour as possible all in the name of feminism.
The mantra for this behaviour seems to be women can do whatever the hell they want and anyone who questions their actions is a misogynist or an antifeminist.
So what appears to be unclear is women tired of being seen as sex objects, now go out of their way to look like sex objects but if anyone dares to recognize the definite parallel you’re a misogynistic pig. It appears to me to be both paradoxical and hypocrisy in its highest form.
The world of the female celeb appears to be using their feminine wiles as power and boy(or girl) have they gone power mad…
In a lewd display of sexualized photos, the only outcome one can possibly come from this is male attention which in turn can only serve to make their everyday female peers left not only feeling inadequate but highly confused as to whats expected of them and why?
This is feminism in its most twisted form is it not? As it immediately exclude your everyday young girl or woman from the ‘empowerment. that such behaviour is assumed to be gained from it?
I think the unfair reality is, the majority of young women and the general female populace, are faced with a bombardment of unrealistic female forms which are unobtainable, due to the fact that they do not have stylists, nutritionalists, plastic surgeons and generally enough time on their hands to pursue such vacuous past times, perhaps because the sad fact is, we’re all to busy living our actual lives in the real world of faux equality where we must work ten times harder, juggling busy schedules with regards to putting the hours in to bridge the pay gap, shelving our secret desire to possibly reproduce someday to make ourselves seem more employable or ploughing through a life of childcare, housework and being a breadwinner to pay the bills…as we are liberated indeed.
I also believe that if Kim Kardashian looked the way someone like me does being naturally large breasted and giving birth to 9lb children and being their soul carer and provider and having jobs to do bills to pay and a house to run, my ‘un-natural contours’ sagging breasts and rippling cellulite, wouldn’t have to same effect when showboating for likes or retweets.
It smacks more to me as a curious case of one up-manship (pardon the pun) in a ‘look what I’ve got EVERYONE and if you dare criticize then you’re taking away my rights to express myself as a female.’
‘If anything, through their work Kardashian and Ratajkowski have promoted unrealistic ideals for women, many of whom will never be able to achieve the look they both can. And despite really not having to, they have continued to advocate industries that treat us as pieces of meat. We will never get away from objectification when the world’s most powerful women continue to sell their bodies. They are not our sisters; they’re our rivals. And their latest publicity stunt is our latest setback.’ – charlottle gill from the independent





Just a quick one,

In a world where I for one feel like i am constantly bombarded with news stories ideas pictures facts. I am finding it increasingly hard to focus my mind on one particular area.

I have a few ideas that i am currently working on but I’d like them to be lengthier than this small outburst of first world multi-faceted layer of confusion that i have constantly meandering through my brain.

But for now, here’s a little offloader….

I use a few forums and generally i find they lean towards one particular ideology or another, fair enough, that’s down to the coordinators and people who run the aspects of said forums. People who steer away from the norm or wander towards the path of imotiveness are usually chastised or removed in accordance with terms and conditions with regards to the forum. Fair enough…prehaps.
But then that got me thinking… shouldn’t online publications and allocated sites based on sharing ideas be open to all theories and opinions to maintain the status quo of fair discussion and understanding. As Voltaire once said ‘I do not agree with what you say, but i will defend to the death for your right to say it…’ which is a mantra i was more than satisfied to accept and take a small comfort in.  Then i discovered twitter, and prehaps through no fault of my own, in whom and what i decided to follow, i am now bombarded daily with the onslaught of conflicting arguments.
Differing opinions, opinions of others opinions, opinions of people who have opinions, opinions of things i thought i cared very little about.Opinions of things i care very much for.
I guess in all the hysteria and confusion i’ve become a little lost. Did i need to know all of this information, i go from kim kardashians flesh marauding around in some glib flourescent bathroom, to the children of Syria playing amongst the rubble, to vibrant vegan delights which i have no intention of ever making or consuming  and i guess my brain is leaning towards becoming a very fickle instrument indeed.
To be fair, in twitters defense their not just the only culprits of this bombardment. I can go to read a news article but find the pop up ads at the side pulling me away from it and then instead i’m thinking of ppi or breast enhancements….or both.

I’m a simple girl with a few ideas and observations and i just want to piece my information together without getting distracted. But bombardment is disallowing me from doing this.

must try harder.

try hard